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15 Sep 2022

Lyreco Charges Forward with Expansion of Electric Fleet

Lyreco Charges Forward with Expansion of Electric Fleet
New Ford E-Transit electric vans
Lyreco has invested £2.3million in the expansion of its electric fleet of vans, taking its number of electric delivery vehicles from 17 to 67.

50 new Ford E-Transit electric vans have been purchased to join our existing 17 Renault Master Z.E all-electric light goods vehicles. The Ford E-Transits provide a real-world range and carrying capacity which has allowed us to utilise EV technology on a much wider range of its deliveries than before. This development, combined with seeking to comply with legislation concerning vehicle emissions ahead of time, has meant that the Lyreco EV Fleet is now planned to be deployed across 13 of our 24 Regional Distribution Centres across the UK, in areas including Dartford, Edinburgh, Manchester and Oxford.

The vans at the Lyreco National Distribution Centre site in Telford will be charged by electricity generated by our own renewable energy solar panel-powered charging stations. We have invested more than £124,000 in charging infrastructure across the Regional Distribution Centre network to ensure that vehicles are charged taking advantage of REGO (Renewal Energy Guaranteed Origin) electricity. Plans are currently being put in place to install charging stations at Lyreco’s remaining sites in 2023.

Acquisition of the new vehicles is in line with Lyreco’s goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. It also meets our Clean Van Commitment; a corporate pledge to move to zero tailpipe emission vans by 2028.

Since 2013, Lyreco has reduced fuel consumption per delivery by over 31% thanks to route optimisation, fleet improvements, and by training drivers to be more efficient behind the wheel supported by a state-of-the-art telematics system provided by Ltyx. Customer orders have been consolidated reducing overall deliveries, with particular attention paid to ‘the last mile’; the delivery of goods from the fulfilment depot to customer, which, if not managed carefully, has the potential to be the most polluting aspect of the supply chain.


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