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12 Oct 2022

We’re humans here at CareLineLive ! 😲

We’re humans here at CareLineLive ! 😲
The CareLineLive sales team and their very human faces
Our development work is influenced by the many conversations we have with customers, actively listening to their feedback. And we have always embraced simple, honest product pricing rather than lots of apparently optional extras and confusing support processes.

You’ll find we speak human rather than tech jargon (even our developers are refreshingly free of tech-speak) and unlike many of our competitors all our customer support is done with a human touch. You always have the option to pick up a phone and speak to one of our friendly customer support team. But if you’d prefer email or online support, that’s available too.

We know that learning new software, no matter how easy-to-use it is, can be a challenge. That’s why we are here to hold your hand every step of the way.

ALL our on-going support is included in our contract price, unlike many other home care software providers. And as long as you meet our £150 monthly contract threshold there are no extras to pay for the initial onboarding; if you don’t there’s a small one-off fee that can be paid out over 12 months.

Thinking about switching from your existing home care software but know that getting out of your contract is like an impossible escape room?

We’ve had reports of other home care software providers making contract termination nigh on impossible. They “ignore” requests to terminate or prove impossible to get hold of. Their all too human sales team turn into invisible robots as soon as you start talking about saying goodbye.

We are super responsive and caring humans (read more about us here).

Responsive pre-sales.

Responsive post sales.

And we are also responsive human beings if things change.

So if you’ve had your fingers burnt in the past with poor inhuman software providers and you’d like to understand more about how CareLineLive can help your home care agency please give us a call to arrange a demo.


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