Adam Hutchison

Adam Hutchison

Adam Hutchison

Managing Director, Belmont Healthcare
Adam entered the sector in 2013 taking over 53 care home beds, which soon expanded to 5 High Needs Dementia Care homes in the South East and extended services operating Day Care Services and Home Care Services in the Community. Adam is also an active member of the Trade Association community as the Chair of Accommodation Solutions at Kent Integrated Care Alliance (KiCA) and a board member of the Care Association Alliance (CAA), raising strategic issues for local providers on the national scope. Also as a trustee of the Care Workers Charity his passion for the teams he employs and the ability to develop a wider message about the important job Care Workers do in the community. Adam hopes to be a catalyst to insight change in the sector and develop a greater awareness of the role we all play. Adam brings care sector operational experience and a wealth of key links to the Trade Association community in the sector. Also as a sales and marketing professional in Corporate Telecommunications before entering the sector he brings an outside view of the sector approaches with a keen sense of making a change for the good.

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