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Frederick Palmer

Frederick Palmer

Resident, The Close Care Home, Burcot, Oxfordshire
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, a retired architect/town planner/magistrate. Fred settled in the UK in the mid ‘60s following postgraduate study at Edinburgh University. Fred set up his family at a sizeable small-holding in Wiltshire. His wife, Helen the farmer and Fred her farm labourer and their two daughters. In 1998 (age 59), Fred suffered a stroke, leaving him with mobility, hearing, and speech issues. Fortunately [although Helen would not agree!], the stroke did not affect his mind. Determined not to allow the stoke to ruin his dream to fly a plane, Fred at 70yo (2009), qualified as a licensed pilot. Sadly, after nearly 59 years of marriage, Alzheimer’s took Helen in May 2022. Fred is now a resident at The Close.

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