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Care Show 2023 Programme

  1. Business Theatre
  2. Learning Lounge
  3. Technology Theatre
    75 Years of the NHS; The gift of data - our modern legacy
    In our technological age, we automatically assume a data footprint as part of our lives.  As digital ...
  4. Business Theatre
    Advanced Social Media for Recruitment & Customer Acquisition
    Listen to the leading healthcare, social media specialists to find out how your business could be effectively utilising social media for recruitment and client acquisition.
  5. Care Managers Theatre
    Join us for an enlightening event that delves into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligen ...
  6. Care Keynote
  7. Technology Theatre
    Artificial Intelligence in Care
    Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is sweeping through both the consumer market and enterprise software. It has the potential to change the way in which we interact with software by making it more accessible, efficient, and intelligent. This session will explore AI, the use cases within Health and Social Care and then will outline the approach taken by emma AI for your social care organisation.
  8. Care Managers Theatre
  9. Care Managers Theatre
  10. Care Keynote
    Boost recruitment and retention by rethinking staff scheduling
  11. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Embrace an eco-friendly and budget-friendly approach to furnishing your care home.
  12. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    This talk explores the crucial bridge-building around neurodiversity in social care, not for those we support but for those we employ. Drawing parallels with physical bridge construction, it delves into understanding neurodiversity, fostering inclusivity, and ensuring effective collaboration. Attendees will learn strategies for creating harmonious work environments and enhancing sectoral growth through diversity
  13. Retirement Living Stage
  14. Technology Theatre
    Building stronger care businesses
    Building stronger care businesses
  15. Technology Theatre
    Building the Future of Care: Harnessing the Potential of Connected Care
  16. Care Managers Theatre
    In partnership with National Care Forum
  17. Homecare Theatre
    CareRooms create brand new care and bed capacity by utilising existing spaces in the community. We build this creating a bespoke safeguarding platform that protects and onboards their Hosts, monitors their Guests recovery during the stay, controls the money flow and much more. This new respite space allows the community to support its local care system and promote independence in the individual who is recovering. This turns the lonely care dependent individuals into independent active members of their community.. how? By giving them a homely environment with companionship and guided to as healthy lifestyle for them as possible.
  18. Homecare Theatre
  19. Care Keynote
  20. Retirement Living Stage
  21. Homecare Theatre
  22. Retirement Living Stage
  23. Retirement Living Stage
  24. Retirement Living Stage
  25. Care Keynote
  26. Homecare Theatre
  27. Care Keynote
  28. Homecare Theatre
  29. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  30. Homecare Theatre
  31. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Light has multiple ‘non-visual’ effects including directly improving alertness and cognitive function, reducing depression and improving sleep, and maintaining synchronisation of the circadian (24-hour) clock. These responses are mediated primarily by the photopigment melanopsin, located in the ganglion cell layer of the eye, and is different from the rods and cones we use to see. Melanopsin is most sensitive to short-wavelength (blue) light (peak ~480 nm). We and others have shown that enhancing exposure to blue-enriched white light can improve alertness and cognition and that minimizing blue light exposure before sleep increases sleepiness and promotes sleep onset. In care homes, these interventions have been shown to cause a slowing of cognitive decline and functional limitations, reduce depression, improve sleep and reduce agitation and anxiety. Together, these data provide strong evidence of the benefits of improved lighting on health and safety in patients in residential care.
  32. Retirement Living Stage
  33. Care Managers Theatre
    Clearlines, mitigating risk and ensuring outstanding communication.
    Outstanding Care starts with Clearlines
  34. Learning Lounge
    Speak to TOS
  35. Learning Lounge
  36. Technology Theatre
    Provided by engagement Lead - Stephanie Nimmo
  37. Business Theatre
    Based on the principles outlined in "Social by Design: Create and Scale a Collaborative Company," th ...
  38. Technology Theatre
  39. Homecare Theatre
    Dance to Health- the effective Falls Prevention Service with a difference
    This session will discuss the impact of the Arts on Healthy Aging, focussing on Falls, mental health and social isolation. There will be a demonstration of Dance to Health with participants from a local programme which you will be able to join in with if you would like to.
  40. Technology Theatre
  41. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  42. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Learn about the WELL Building Standard and how its collaborative evidence-backed design approach is ...
  43. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Uncover the role of environment in dementia care. Experts will guide you through creating spaces that empower and support individuals with dementia, covering sensory elements, spatial layouts, and innovative technologies. Join us to learn how design can positively impact their lives.
  44. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    WGP Architects are designing a number of new care homes, which look to understand, the context within which they are designing. Not simply the physical context but endeavouring to understand the context of the appropriate care provision and how they arrive at designing the most suitable building for residents, operators’ and visitors’ needs. James Potter will discuss the practice's work and research and what can designers do to make that dementia-friendly place feel like home
  45. Business Theatre
  46. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Diabetes management in the Frail and Elderly and the importance of CGM
    Nice guidance NG28 advocates the individualisation of glycemic targets for frail older adults, and the implementation of continuous glucose monitoring for older adults who require assistance with their insulin usage. This presentation, by the author of the national guideline document, will evaluate the rationale behind the guidelines and how to achieve the best outcomes for our older patients living with diabetes
  47. Care Keynote
  48. Technology Theatre
  49. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Eden - Probably the best culture change training in the world!
    The Eden Alternative was founded in 1991 in the USA by Dr Bill Thomas and Jude Meyer-Thomas.  It is ...
  50. Technology Theatre
    Effectively adapting to CQC changes with Log my Care
    Join Log my Care's CEO and Founder, Sam Hussain, along with social care experts from 'The Caring Vie ...
  51. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Elevating Workplace Morale: Strategies for 2023 and Beyond
    In an ever-evolving work landscape, maintaining high morale and engagement among employees is critical for organisational success.
  52. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Update on the VIVALDI Social care study
  53. Care Keynote
    Enabling digital and dynamic care delivery
  54. Homecare Theatre
  55. Homecare Theatre
    Recently Birdie commissioned a large-scale research report. This report asked the general population ...
  56. Care Keynote
  57. Care Keynote
    Panel discussion around the importance of taking time to review your money, and how organisations can support their employees to make the most of their money.
  58. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
  59. Homecare Theatre
  60. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    This panel discussion equips you with a deeper understanding of grief's challenges in the care sector and provides actionable strategies for compassionate and resilient care giving.
  61. Homecare Theatre
    Grow your business with staff that stay: How to succeed with International Recruitment
    International recruitment has huge potential to grow your business but it can be risky, costly and c ...
  62. Retirement Living Stage
    Overview of the evolution of seniors housing in the UK and new investment over the past 5 years.
  63. Learning Lounge
  64. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    How can we all take responsibility for starting with humanity? It all starts with recognising where we are as a sector, and then driving forward together focusing on the people around us.
  65. Homecare Theatre
  66. Business Theatre
  67. Care Managers Theatre
    How easy is it to sponsor health and care workers from overseas?
    Is it time your business becomes a licenced Home Office sponsor with the ability to hire skilled wor ...
  68. Care Keynote
    How effective use of technology and data can lead to improvements in quality of care and the creation of new models of care
    Join Nuno Almeida, Nourish Founder and CEO, for an interesting and informative panel discussion talk ...
  69. Business Theatre
  70. Care Managers Theatre
    How to digitise your business spending to optimise growth
    Join Alex Lampert, Head of Sales at Volopa, as he delves into the future of corporate spend manageme ...
  71. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    How to encourage new entrants into the sector through workforce development
  72. Care Keynote
    Quality Statements! Evidence Categories! Online Portals! Aggregated Ratings Systems! Feedback Eviden ...
  73. Technology Theatre
    Recognising the need to reduce energy use from heating whilst improving comfort levels, here we lear ...
  74. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    In a sector where funding is constantly under strain, we discuss how interiors can be used as a tool ...
  75. Technology Theatre
    The post-pandemic environment is challenging for service providers. Budgets are tight, recruitment a ...
  76. Technology Theatre
    Join a lively panel debate led by Victoria to find our more about the benefits of social care technology and enhancing our human interactions with it.
  77. Retirement Living Stage
    International Recruitment Explained: How to get started
    International recruitment has huge potential to grow your business but it can be hard to know where ...
  78. Care Keynote
    Gain an understanding of the benefits and challenges of international recruitment in the current cli ...
  79. Learning Lounge
  80. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  81. Retirement Living Stage
    An exploration of what drives our audience’s wellbeing and how we can support and promote it in prac ...
  82. Care Keynote
    Hear from some of the biggest companies in aviation, hospitality and technology, exploring transfera ...
  83. Learning Lounge
    As per Outstanding Society
  84. Homecare Theatre
  85. Care Managers Theatre
    This is an inspiration tale of care management how a small care home went digital. In this presentat ...
  86. Care Managers Theatre
    Neil Eastwood will be talking about the latest edition of his popular recruitment and retention guide and signing copies.
  87. Care Managers Theatre
    Jonathan Cunningham will outline the background to one of the most well established online care grou ...
  88. Homecare Theatre
    -How to set up an effective home care business -Care Leadership -Business systems and design
  89. Retirement Living Stage
    Our growing, ageing population, changing demands of retirement living and provision around suitable accommodation all highlight that the existing care home stock is not fit for purpose. We need to embrace change and address any perception of care. Melissa Magee will discuss the care industry and perception of care from the future resident viewpoint and also from the developers, highlighting the importance of design to encourage a move to supported living.
  90. Retirement Living Stage
    A review of recent developments in planning policy, legislation and case law and how this is likely to impact on those bringing forward specialist retirement housing and the IRC market in particular.
  91. Technology Theatre
    Unlock the potential of cost-effective care tech! Join our discussion to learn how selecting the right technology can maximise your Return on Investment (ROI), enhance care quality and improve retention. Don't miss this opportunity to start saving money with Smart Tech Choices.
  92. Business Theatre
    Documentary screening and Q&A with subject Ted Brown and filmmaker Julia Alcamo.   Ted has spent his ...
  93. Homecare Theatre
    This session will explore the public perception of home care, why people think that way, and what can be done to change those views. It will explore topics such as the media, stereotypes, salary, career progression, staff turnover, vacancy rate and solutions to improve perception.
  94. Care Keynote
    Putting people back at the heart of care management – Systems that put the emphasis back on people
    In our presentation, "Putting People Back at the Heart of Care Management," we will explore the role of innovative social care management software that prioritises the needs and well-being of individuals. We will discuss how this intuitive software empowers service users to take control of their care journey and enhances person-centred care. Through this presentation, we aim to illuminate the transformative potential of technology in redefining social care, envisioning a future were compassion and efficiency drive care delivery. Join us as we showcase the remarkable capabilities of this solution and envision a future where social care revolves around the people it serves.
  95. Care Keynote
    In our presentation, "Putting People Back at the Heart of Care Management," we will explore the role of innovative social care management software that prioritises the needs and well-being of individuals. We will discuss how this intuitive software empowers service users to take control of their care journey and enhances person-centred care. Through this presentation, we aim to illuminate the transformative potential of technology in redefining social care, envisioning a future were compassion and efficiency drive care delivery. Join us as we showcase the remarkable capabilities of this solution and envision a future where social care revolves around the people it serves.
  96. Business Theatre
    Quality statements – the new inspection framework
    Join Vikki Beckwith from Complete Care Advisory as she breaks down the new and upcoming CQC single assessment framework.
  97. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
  98. Care Managers Theatre
    Join us for a sensitive exploration that delves into the physical, emotional, and societal aspects o ...
  99. Care Managers Theatre
    Join us for a thought-provoking event, "Paper to Pixels," where we delve into the digital transforma ...
  100. Care Managers Theatre
    Uncover the potential scenarios and implications at our event, "What Would Social Care Strikes Look ...
  101. Technology Theatre
    Re-imagining best practice care with technology
    Unlocking the true potential of digital social care calls for a fresh perspective on best practice m ...
  102. Homecare Theatre
  103. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
  104. Care Managers Theatre
  105. Business Theatre
    Welcome to this half hour session, where we will explore the parallels. Between one of the nation’s most trusted retailers, M&S, and the health and social care sector. Gillian, with over two decades of experience at M&S, will guide us on a journey from the world of retail to healthcare, revealing valuable insights and transformative strategies that can be applied to address pressing challenges in the health and social care industry. By the end of this session, you will leave with a deeper understanding of how the world of retail can inform and inspire positive changes in the health and social care sector. Let’s e,bark on this transformational journey together.
  106. Retirement Living Stage
    16 Categories and 3 Outstanding Achievement Awards
  107. Retirement Living Stage
  108. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  109. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Everyone is talking about ESG but is it just about the talking? With banks increasingly being asked to review lending policies to ensure an ESG focus what does this mean to the care sector?
  110. Learning Lounge
    SCNACs are an opportunity to shine a light on the people who use the services, to tell their stories, to celebrate the successes and together find the solutions to shared problems .
  111. Care Managers Theatre
    Discover the power of succession planning as a multifaceted strategy. Learn how a well-executed plan ...
  112. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    This interdisciplinary approach explores the intersection of environmental sustainability, healthcare, architecture, and social responsibility.
  113. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
    Sustainable FM solutions - Your ESG journey to Net Zero
    The push for net zero is a key strategic goal for all businesses, and facilities management has a ce ...
  114. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  115. Retirement Living Stage
    Maximising sales rates and filling up buildings at retirement living communities in the UK requires a multifaceted approach that combines effective sales and marketing strategies. Here are 10 key tactics to achieve this goal.
  116. Business Theatre
    GMB Union members from the West Midlands Care Branch will be discussing the care staffing crisis and how through working with employers - we can build a robust care workforce. Natalie Grayson, the National Care Organiser for the GMB Union will be chairing the session.
  117. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  118. Care Keynote
    What exists after care home management? There are lots of ideas So join this debate with this incred ...
  119. Care Keynote
    The future of healthcare is community care
    The cavalry is not coming. While policy makers have attempted to reform our healthcare system, it’s still increasingly disjointed, too reactive and NHS-focused. We need to find solutions from within - and we, in social care, are now better positioned than ever before to create transformative and necessary change. The future of healthcare is community care - and there are four key areas care providers are bolstering to transform health. Join this electrifying Care Show kick off talk to understand the new emerging model of healthcare, how to get there and the ways it’s going to impact your social care business - and the lives of those you care for - for the better.
  120. Learning Lounge
  121. Care Managers Theatre
    [New for a Care Show] This is a new and exciting LIVE innovation. Experienced consultants Jonathan, ...
  122. Business Theatre
  123. Technology Theatre
    The Patient Experience: What Matters Most in 2023
     Join the Reputation team as they return to The Care Show to discuss the latest trends when it comes ...
  124. Business Theatre
    Jonathan Cunningham never expected to be a care manager he was a solider and was more experienced in ...
  125. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    An introduction to The Royal College of Nursing Independent Health and Social Care Programme. Meet the national lead, and some of the dedicated regional Lead Nurses, learn more about what the RCN can do for you as a member or employer in the social care sector. We will discuss our workstreams, UK wide strategy, and how the RCN can support you to overcome challenges in the sector.
  126. Business Theatre
    In the health and social care sector, understanding the different personality styles and their impact on the three major challenges - compliance, change, and conflict - is crucial for effective leadership and teamwork. Rita will provide insights into the most common personality styles found in the sector and how they influence these challenges, which she often refers to as the 3C's.
  127. Homecare Theatre
  128. Care Managers Theatre
  129. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Discover how focusing on improving one of your largest unknowns in care homes, night-time care, can ...
  130. Learning Lounge
  131. Homecare Theatre
  132. Business Theatre
  133. Learning Lounge
  134. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Have you heard of a 'care supporter'? This is someone who supports a friend or relative while they draw on health or social care, such as attending a GP appointment or staying in residential care. In this panel discussion, we will give an overview current research into the right to a care supporter and a campaign to have this right enshrined in law. We will also share early insights from interviews with health and social care professionals about the practicalities of implementing this potential new right. This will be a practical session focused on the relevance of our research for care providers and staff, as well as people drawing on care and their families.
  135. Homecare Theatre
  136. Design, Build and Environments Theatre
  137. People, Workforce and Wellbeing Theatre
    Why people, not machines, are the most important part of your laundry
    During this talk, Amanda will show why your laundry should become the beating heart of your care home and demonstrate why people are your most important laundry asset.
  138. Business Theatre
    Session will focus on sharing the experiences from Social care providers on what inspires them?  It ...
  139. Technology Theatre
    Wi-Fi: The Key to Delivering Technology Enabled Care to your Organisation
    Learn how Wi-Fi can enhance existing technology solutions, drive sustainability, empower staff, connect residents and improve mental health
  140. Care Keynote
  141. Learning Lounge
    You're Outstanding! Retention, Recruitment and Maximising Social Media Great panel session for some practical tips to support the delivery of outstanding recruitment and retention

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